Project Spotlight: Canada Tool Parts


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How did we get Canada Tool Parts to
perform like this after launch?

First things first, Canada Tool Parts needed a brand new database and a fresh install of WordPress & WooCommerce. Product information was then organized into the correct fields and re-organized categories. We created separate product line CSV sheets based on this standardized import template and upload each one at a time into the new SQL database.

Once the database was loaded up with this shiny new data we switched our focus to optimizing a new search plugin for a quick and visually-appealing search function. The search was the most important part of the new design – it’s the only way for users to find their part and add it to their cart.

The last step before we launched was creating new landing pages for each of the product lines. This was to not only help with information and page organization but also help with SEO and future AdWords marketing campaigns.

With this beast of a site ready for prime time, we unleashed it on the world. The stats above reflect an average over the first 3 months of launch compared to the previous year! Needless to say the client is super stoked and are busy fulfilling all of their new orders!

In Conclusion…

Canada Tool Parts was an interesting redesign for Spin Key. The site didn’t need a redesign so much as needing new information, database and search function. The aesthetics of the site were slightly updated to a more modern, clean look, as well as making the layout responsive. The bulk of the work came in the form of a brand new database with properly structured data which would allow users to search over 207,000 different part numbers from 16 manufacturer product lines.


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